September 2018 – Prompt

AS September 2018 Writing Prompt 
“If a tree wishes to flower in your presence, request that this happens very slowly”
~ Daniel Wallace

At the last AS Operation Legacy, we focused on writing prompts to “Nature Ourselves.” This quote by Daniel Wallace is a beautiful statement of what this process means – how we can take the time to appreciate the things in our surroundings that not only ground us, but we may find beautiful. What it truly means to slow down and appreciate our life.

What part of nature grounds you? What would you request to “happen slowly”? What does this do for you, and how?

August 2018 – Prompt

I have always thought of patience in a negative way; I want to see things done, and now. But the more recovery work I do, the more I realize how fundamental patience truly is in value and practice.

Write about a time you had to be patient. Or wish you had been. Write about what your body does when you’re feeling impatient. Use your senses. Also share any best practices you have with us – what has worked for you in learning / gaining patience.

December – Prompt

Tell us about the first time you went home for a Christmas/Winter after you joined the military – what were some of things you were most excited about? Was there a favorite food waiting for you? Was there going to be snow? Or an ocean? Family traditions? Use your senses to describe to us what your first Christmas/Winter holiday was like at home.

Novemeber – Writing Prompt

As the holiday’s come upon us, it is easy to forget their intended purpose – family, friendship, love, and gratitude. Share a holiday experience with us that you felt all of things. Make sure you use language that illuminates all of your senses: taste, sound, smell, sight, and touch. Write about this memory in a narrative or poem – whichever form you most comfortable writing within.

September – 2017

Everyone remembers their Technical Instructors/Drill Instructors from Basic Training. This month, we invite you to share your experiences of run-ins with your TI/DI in Basic. Tell us about that moment you found yourself in their cross-hairs. If you have experience as at DI/TI, we invite you to write about the other side of such experiences.

August – 2017

We all have stories about what it was like when we “transitioned” out of the military. Some of us found ourselves in careers, some of us found ourselves homeless, some of us started using benefits right away, some of us had no idea what benefits we even had.

Please share with us your transition story – of what it is like once you left the military and how you were making a new life for yourself.

June – 2017

What did they Issue you???

Every branch of service, every generation of service issues unique equipment to women veterans and enforced (or did not) special “hygiene” regulations. Even in times of combat women veteran have been issued supplies that had nothing to do with the mission. What experiences did you have? What things were you issued? What regulations did you have that are different than today?

This is important information for us to document as time changes. especially as women gain more visibility in combat roles in our military. Members have shared stories, brought in artifacts, and I personally experienced things in my service. These are very important for all generations.

Athena’s Sisters wants to hear your unique service story! Every story is important to us, and there is no wrong to tell it. You can write as much or as little as you are comfortable with, and it is your choice to share your name, rank, and branch of service publication. This is your chance to be in our Veteran Women’s Anthology that will be published on our 5 year anniversary.

May – 2017

While you served in the military, every branch and MOS has its own special sayings, and these sayings are unique to military culture. Some of them may be funny, some of them may be motivators, some of them may be just tell it how it is.

Please share with Athena’s Sisters some of the sayings/expressions that you remember, even still use and explain why you think you still remember them. Do they still help you today? Do they remind of good times? Do they motivate you?

We never transition “out” of being a veteran, and this is one reason why. We take the things we learn with us for the rest of lives from our military experiences, so it is important for us to honor those things within us that make us unique as military women.

April – 2017

April-2017 Female Marine Veteran, Tegan Griffith , says “You have something that other people don’t have…You have a veteran card, and you have to go out there and be awesome with it”.

March – 2017

“To All Military Women: Please tell us why you joined the military. Over past 3 years since I began Athena’s Sisters I have heard many powerful stories about why women join the military. March is Women’s History Month – these stories are important for us to collect and share with future generations as the number […]

January – 2017

January Is Mental Wellness Month! We are constantly learning things about ourselves as individuals and its important to reflect on what we learn so that we can continue healthy growth mentally, physically and spiritually. How have you changed and grown in the last year? And what is it that you would like to change? Do you have a plan(s) how to make those changes? It can be small or big changes!

December – 2016

Sometimes quotes say things better than we can say them ourselves. What quote speaks to you? What does it mean to you? One of mine is:

“What in your life is calling you? When all the noise is silenced, the meetings adjourned, the lists laid aside, and the wild iris blooms by itself in the dark forest, what still pulls on your soul? In the silence between your heartbeats hides a summons, do you hear it? Name it, if you must, or leave it forever nameless, but why pretend it is not there?”

— The Terma Collective

So write a quote that is speaking to you!

November – 2016

This month a special day is observed for veterans on November 11th. At Athena’s sisters we want to hear what makes you feel honored as a veteran.

October – 2016

The majority of us have lists of what we want to accomplish. This month I present to you The Confidence Bucket List. Tell me about 10 things you hope to one day have the confidence to do and why (if there is a why).

September – 2016

September is Self- Awareness month! We at Athena’s sisters know that Self-Care is everything! That is why our events focus around holistic healing and creative projects. Tell me about five things you can do this week to prioritize and treat yourself knowing that true healing works on all levels – with our minds, our bodies, and our hearts.

August – 2016

Life is a beautiful journey in which we navigate through the ebbs and flows of the experiences and hardships it brings along the way. This month we want you to write a letter to yourself about an experience that happened 10 years ago. What do you know now that you wished you’d known then? Would you have done anything different? We would love for you to share your life view.

July – 2016

Emily Dickson’s once wrote “I dwell in possibilities”…. What possibilities are you striving to bring into existence? Keeping your goals and dreams to the forefront everyday will help you maintain your focus. Please share with us ways you have brought your goals and dreams to life. Military women are strong, resilient, and determined. Our stories can inspire each other and all women across the nation.

June 2016

June is PTSD Awareness Month! As humans, we all experience trauma in our life time, and a normal reaction to trauma is Post Traumatic Stress, which can further develop into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a NORMAL human psychological reaction to trauma. With the bravery of your words, your stories we can break the silence around PSTD .We know that PTSD is a huge factor of the 22 reported suicides veterans commit daily. We want to hear about your journey and experiences that can support so many of us out there that feel alone. At Athena’s Sisters I know I will never be alone again as I continue to walk this path towards authenticity, mindfulness, and recovery. Help us in continuing to build a community of courage at Athena’s Sisters for all military service women and men.

May – 2016

May is military appreciation month! Thank all those who have served and continue to serve. This month we would like you to share a positive experience that has come from your military service. Maybe you haven’t served, but you want to express your appreciation of those in military branches?  We appreciate your positive input.

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