Our Mission

Athena’s Sisters creates revolutionary programming and partnerships to advance the mental and physical wellness for all active duty and veteran women.

What is our goal in the long run?

Athena’s Sisters is an organization for all military women to use revolutionary expressions to grow in dignity and honor.

Our members empower themselves through a sisterhood created by mind, body, and heart healing. Our artistic advocacy is building a community of courage.

How we build power?

Our two primary programs, Creating Sisterhood and Community Healing each meet once a month.

Creating Sisterhood Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month. These meetings are for military women only. During Creating Sisterhood Meetings we focus on issues that are important and relevant to military women, how we working to address those issues, and how we can work together through artistic advocacy to create the changes that we need.

Community Healing Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. These meetings are open to members, supporters, family, friends, and sponsors. We recruit a guest speaker to educate us on healing services available to military women in the community while learning a new art technique.

Through these two primary programs, bonds are built among members, supporters, sponsors, families, and communities. Those bonds ties us together with our shared experiences as a framework to move forward to create safe spaces for military women, to use artistic advocacy to shape policies that directly affect us, and to be the change that we want to see.

How we mix art & advocacy?

Operation Harmony

Operation Harmony is a one-day of workshop of holistic healing services for military women held twice a year.

During this day military women can sample a variety of alternate healing options while enjoying meeting new military women in a relaxing environment. Some of the services included were reiki, massage therapy, and drumming.

Operation Legacy

Operation Legacy is a creative storytelling workshop open to military women to stretch their memories and explore their bravery held twice a year.

During our one-day workshop we explore an array of unique and creative techniques for military women to share their story their way. We use creative writing, sketching, collaging, photography, sewing, performance, etc. to share our stories that are exceptional and beautiful.

tHE ART of Sisterhood

tHE ART of Sisterhood is the product of the stories from Operation Legacy uniquely designed into a zine. Each Operation Legacy results in another volume of tHE ART of Sisterhood. The Zines are our art, our stories, and an effective tool as we move forward advocacy for policies that work for us.

Our Progress

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